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Korean War

Learn how to locate Korean War veteran ancestors, explore online Korean War casualty lists, learn about Canada's participation in the Korean War, join online Korean War Veteran's registries, and discover other Korean War genealogy resources.
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Canadian Air Aces & Heroes
Browse biographies of famous Canadian aces and heroes for WWI, WWII and Korea.

Canadians in Korea
A wonderful online book of Canada's participation in the Korean War from the Canadian Department of Veteran's Affairs.

Korean and Vietnam Conflicts - Casualties by State
Find listings for each conflict, divided by state, containing selected descriptive data about U.S. military personnel who died as a result of combat duty in the Korean and Vietnam wars, including personnel declared dead while in a missing or captured status.

Korean Honor Roll Database
Unfortunately, a fire destroyed many of the records of the 54,246 American service ,men and women who lost their lives during the Korean War. To date, this database includes the names of 37,333 of these service personnel as well as photographs.

Korean War Medal of Honor Recipients
The U.S. Army provides a short bio, plus details of the actions which led to the Medal of Honor citation, for each Korean War veteran so awarded.

Korean War Project
This site is an excellent resource! There is a section for people who wish to contact former military members who served in the Korean War or in the subsequent DMZ War; several online searchable databases; a beautiful story, Return to Heartbreak Ridge; and much more.

Korean War Project
One of the many wonderful assets of the Korean War Project site is the Finding The Families project, an Internet based initiative to find over 6,000 families of servicemen Missing In Action from the Korean War.

Locating Korean War Veterans
An excellent article by Kathleen Hinckley, CGRS.

Maps and Geography of North Korea
Geography and maps of the Asian country of North Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of Korea) from Geography Guide, Matt Rosenberg.

Maps and Geography of South Korea
Maps and other great geographical information for South Korea, from About Geography Guide, Matt Rosenberg.

State Level Casualty Lists - Korean War
Lists for the Korean Conflict are sorted alphabetically by last name. From the National Archives & Records Administration Center for Electronic Records.

When Black is Burned
A thesis paper on the treatment of African American soldiers during the Korean War which explores the racial conditions under which African-American soldiers had to serve.

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