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Land Records Online

Land Grants, Deeds and Property Maps Online


Land grants, property records, and even deed records can be found online for countries around the world through a variety of sources, from county deed offices to state, county, and national archives.

1. U.S. Land Records Online

Access links to online land grants, homestead applications, plat maps, bounty land warrants and even deed records through a variety of sources, from county deed offices to state and federal archives. From About.com Genealogy.

2. Canadian Land Records Online

Learn the basics of available land records available for researching Canadian ancestors, plus where and how to locate many Canadian land records online. From About.com Genealogy.

3. Australia — New South Wales, Land Indexes

The state archives of New South Wales hosts over a dozen indexes to land records, including settlement purchases, gold leases, squatters and graziers, and surveyor's letters and field books.

4. Australia — Queensland State Archives, Land Indexes

The state archives of Queensland, Australia, hosts a variety of online databases to land records, including Land Selections Prior to 1884, Mineral Leases 1871-1940, Miners Rights 1874–1880, Register of Lands 1861-1868, Register of Land Sold 1842-1859, and Register of Lands Sold 1849-1861. Read the introductory section of each index for background details on the records.

5. Austria — Seigniorial Records

FamilySearch.org has over 5.5 million Austrian Seigniorial images hosted online for free, covering the period 1537–1888. Among these seigniorial records, are feudal land records which list the names of property owners, description and location of the property, dates, and tax payments.

6. Czech Republic Land Records, 1450–1889

Nearly 3 million digital images, from regional archives in Opava and Třeboň and from the district archive in Trutnov, document declarations of land ownership, land transfers, and land inheritances in the Czech Republic. Digital images available for browsing only. These records are also alternately available on the website of the regional archive in Opava; and FamilySearch offers a free online tutorial in how to access and search these records.

7. England — Herefordshire Field-Names and Landowners Database

This database from the Herefordshire Council contains information on historic field-names and landowners for the county; most taken from the tithe maps, which date to the years around 1840. The names were collected by the Herefordshire Field-Name Survey (organised by members of the Archaeological Research Section of the Woolhope Naturalists' Field Club between 1987 and 1993) from the original maps and surveys held in Herefordshire Record Office.

8. England — The Domesday Book Online, Landowners

Browse brief notes on almost 200 of the most well-known landholders in England at the time of the Domesday Book (1086), most of whom had accompanied William the Conqueror from France in 1066, and were granted areas of land previously held by English natives.

9. India — Moga, Punjab, Land Ownership Pedigrees, 1887-1958

FamilySearch is posting digital images online of land ownership pedigrees (Shajjra Nasb) from Moga, Punjab, India. These records, written in Urdu, show familial relationships as land was passed from father to son.

10. Ireland — Connacht and Munster Landed Estates Database

Over 4,500 houses are included in this free research database maintained by the Moore Institute for Research in the Humanities and Social Studies, University of Ireland, Galway. Available information includes a description of the estate, the names of the families associated with it, the houses it contained, and reference sources for further information. Photographs of about half of the houses as they presently exist are also included.

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