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U.S. Land Records Online

Land Grants, Patents, Homesteads & Plats Online


Land grants, homestead applications, plat maps, bounty land warrants and even deed records can be found online through a variety of sources, from county deed offices to state and federal archives.

1. General Land Office

A searchable database of over 2,000,000 pre-1908 Federal land title records for the 30 Public Land States (these do not include the 13 colony states).

2. Spanish Land Grants of Florida

Search or browse digital copies of land claims filed by Florida settlers after the transfer of the territory from Spain to the United States in 1821, documenting original land claims going back to 1790.

3. Georgia Virtual Vault - Land Records

Digitized land documents available for free searching/browsing in the Georgia Archives' Virtual Vault include Chatham County Deed Books (1785-1806), District Plats of Survey (surveys of land districts in counties made prior to distribution of land by lottery, 1805-1833), and Headright and Bounty Plats of 1783-1909.

4. Archives of Maryland Online Land Records

Search or browse digitized volumes of Provincial Court Land Records (1676-1700), plus access links to digitized land records and survey/plat maps for the state of Maryland.

5. Massachusetts - Salem Deeds: Historic Records

Browse digitized images from the first twenty books of Essex County, Massachusetts, land records, dating from 1641 through 1709.

6. Minnesota Maps Online - Original Land Surveys & Plat Books

The Minnesota Historical Society offers this search feature for Minnesota's original public land survey plats, created during the first government land survey of the state by the U.S. Surveyor General's Office during the years 1848 to 1907. Also included are the later General Land Office and Bureau of Land Management maps, up to the year 2001.

7. New Hampshire County Registries of Deeds

Links to New Hampshire counties that have index and/or image records of their land deeds online. Many of them include historical deeds as well as current ones.

8. Spanish & Mexican Land Grants of New Mexico

Many Spanish and Mexican land grants in the area that eventually became the present-day state of New Mexico can be viewed online in Heritage, the online catalog of the New Mexico State Archives.

9. Pennsylvania - Land Records at the PA State Archives

A wide variety of scanned land records can be viewed online at the website of the Pennsylvania State Archives, including patent indexes, survey books, warrant books, donation lands, depreciation lands, land grant applications, and township warrantee maps.

10. South Carolina Colonial Plats

Search by personal name or geographic feature to access free plat images digitized from a duplicate set of the original recordings of plats for colonial land grants in South Carolina, including their certificates of admeasurement. Digitized from "Colonial Plat Books (Copy Series), 1731-1775" by the South Carolina State Archives.

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