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Family History in the Classroom - Resources for Teachers

Tutorials, articles and family tree lesson plans help teachers and students learn the important steps and principles of family history research -- genealogy -- including how to trace their family tree, understand immigrant origins, explore history in the cemetery, discover world geography, etc.

Family History in the Classroom
Genealogy lesson plans and ideas to help you use family history in your classroom to teach not only history - but also language arts, writing, math, geography and even science.

Family History Lesson Plans
Explore a wide variety of genealogy-based lesson plans, documents, and other classroom materials, available online from archives, historical societies, and education-based sites. Topics range from history in the cemetery, to immigration, to interviewing relatives.

Nature vs. Nurture - Are We Really Born That Way?
Are non-physical traits like behavior, intelligence, and personality really determined by your genese? A popular discussion topic for the science or social studies classroom, this article on Nature vs. Nurture introduces the two different theories with supporting facts for each.

Adoption & Family Tree Charts
Adoptees often face a bit of indecision when faced with a family tree chart? Should it include the adopted family, the birth family, or both? Learn how to address adoption in a family tree and download family tree charts which include special options for adopted families, as well as alternative family tree worksheets that are more adaptable for...

PowerPoint Lesson: Family Tree Charts in the Classroom
This tutorial will take students through the steps to make a simple, one page family tree of their immediate family, using PowerPoint. If the children do not have siblings, it can be fun to add the family pets or favorite toys as part of their "family."

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