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U.S. Naturalization Research and Records

Learn what naturalization records are, the process involved in applying for US citizenship, how to obtain naturalization documents, and the types of genealogical information which naturalization records can provide.

Naturalization Records 101
Learn what naturalization records are, why there were kept, where to find them and what information they will provide about your ancestors. Includes a FAQ.

How to Obtain Naturalization Documents
This file on Compuserve's Genealogy Forum provides instructions for requesting Declaration of Intention and Naturalization papers.

How to Use Naturalization Records to Trace Your Ancestor
The State Historical Society of Wisconsin provides a wonderful primer on Naturalization records, including photos of various record types and a FAQ.

Modern Naturalization Records
An online lesson in how to do research in the naturalization records created after 1906, by Genealogy Research Associates.

Naturalization and Citizenship Records
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services provides a wonderful introduction to naturalization in the United States, including images, stories and a list of the Citizenship Documents they have issued since 1906.

Naturalization Records
A primer on the National Archives and Records Administration Web site.

Naturalization Records Message Board
This message board from Familyhistory.com is a great place to post your questions about immigration records.

Women and Naturalization
Women are not equally represented among the nation's early naturalization records. Learn what types of naturalization records you can expect to find for women in the period from 1802-1940 with this overview by Marian L. Smith of the various laws governing women and naturalization.

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