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Newspapers provide a window into the lives of your ancestors through advertisements of popular products, ‘gossip’ columns, notices of births, deaths and marriages, long-forgotten news items pertinent to the day and even editorial comments reflecting community sentiments. Don't miss these online sources for the newspapers of our past.
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Historical Newspapers Online
Search indexed newspapers or browse the actual digitized pages of hundreds of digitized historical newspapers online. This listing directs you to historical newspapers online for the United States, organized by state.

Historic Newspapers Online
Research online in these historic newspaper collections from around the world. Most include digital images of the actual newspapers as well as a searchable index.

Chronicling America Historic American Newspapers - A Researcher's Guide
Almost 7 million digitized historic American newspapers are available for online searching and browsing through Chronicling America, a free website of the U.S. Library of Congress. Learn how to used advanced search features and other tips to make the most of this free research website.

Tips for Searching Historic Newspapers Online
Digitized versions of historic newspapers are an outstanding source of genealogical information. Yet, since many such newspapers are made searchable using imperfect OCR technology, actually finding the information you seek can be problematic. Search features vary greatly by newspaper archive, which will impact the search features available to you, but these tips should help you dig details on you…

Find Your Family History in Online Historic Newspapers
historic newspapers online

Proquest Historical Newspapers Collection
Find your family history in the ProQuest Historical Newspapers database with these search tips and strategies for refining your search. Learn how to use advanced search features such as wildcards, phrase searching, proximity searching and boolean operators to find news articles, marriage notices, obituaries, photos, and other historical data.

How to Find & Use Newspapers for Genealogical Research
Serving as daily (or weekly) diaries of local communities and their inhabitants, newspapers are excellent sources of family history.

Collecting Historic Newspapers: An Introduction
This wonderful page for people interested in collecting old newspapers includes a history of newspapers, reasons for collecting historic newspapers and a newspaper collecting FAQ.

Historic Newspaper Catalog
Purchase historic newspapers online at Phil Barber's newspaper shop. Categories include a sampler of World Newspapers (1675-1945), Early Americana (1775-1830), Antebellum America (1830-1860), the Civil War (1860-1865), the Age of Expansion (1865-1910), and the 20th Century (1910-1950).

Internet Genealogy: Using Newspapers for Genealogy Research
A free lesson from Genealogy.com.

Maori Newspapers
A collection of historic newspapers published primarily for a Mâori audience between 1842 and 1932. The newspapers can be searched (full text), browsed (by series) or accessed by date. From the New Zealand Digital Library. Also in English.

Search Tips for Google News Archive
Try these search tips to improve your chances of finding historical articles, obituaries, marriage announcements and more in Google News Archive -...


History of a Year - Chronological Reviews Found in Newspapers

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