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Historic Newspapers Online


Research online in these historic newspaper collections from around the world. Most include digital images of the actual newspapers as well as a searchable index.

See Also: Historical Newspapers Online - U.S. State Index

1. Newspaper Archive

Tens of millions of fully-searchable, digitized copies of historic newspapers are available online through NewspaperARCHIVE. Over 2.5 million new pages are added each month from newspapers primarily in the United States and Canada. NewspaperARCHIVE (or a portion thereof) can sometimes be found bundled with subscriptions to other genealogy Web sites such as WorldVitalRecords and Godfrey Memorial Library. Subscription, but with a free membership option allowing up to three newspaper page views each day.

2. GenealogyBank

Search for names and keywords in over 92 million articles, obituaries, marriage notices, birth announcements and other items published in more than 500,000 issues of over 1,300 historical U.S. newspapers. New content added monthly. Subscription required.

3. Ancestry.com Historical Newspaper Collection

Full text search plus digitized images make this collection of more than 16 million pages from over 1000 different newspapers across the US, U.K. and Canada dating back to the 1700's a treasure for online genealogy research. Subscription.

4. The British Newspaper Archive

This partnership between the British Library and brightsolid online publishing have digitized and scanned millions of newspaper pages from the British Library's vast collection and made them available online, with plans to increase the collection to 40 million newspaper pages over the next 10 years.

5. Google Historical Newspaper Search

Google News Archive Search generates a timeline of stories that match a particular subject or keyword, with hits arranged chronologically by date. This is a search engine only, with links to articles appearing on other sites. Results are both free and subscription.

6. Australian Newspapers Online - Trove

Search (full-text) or browse over 7 million pages digitized from Australian newspapers and some magazine titles in each state and territory, with dates ranging from the first Australian newspaper published in Sydney in 1803, to the 1950s when copyright applies. Newly digitized newspapers are added regularly through the Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program.

7. ProQuest Historical Newspapers

This large historical newspaper collection can be accessed online for free through many public libraries and educational institutions. Over 20 million digitized pages in PDF format can be searched or browsed for major newspapers, including The New York Times, Atlanta Constitution, The Baltimore Sun, the Hartford Courant, the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post. There is also a collection of black newspapers from the Civil War era. Check with your local library to see if they offer access to this collection for library members.

8. Footnote Historical Newspapers

Millions of historical newspapers from small towns and big cities across the United States are available as part of a paid subscription to Footnote.com. Subscription.

9. Chronicling America

The Library of Congress and NEH first launched this digitized historic newspaper collection in early 2007, with plans to add new content as time and budget permits. The newspapers are fully searchable, and cover the years 1880 to 1910 in several states, including California, District of Columbia, Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, Texas, Utah and Virginia. Ultimate plans are to include historically significant newspapers from all states and U.S. territories published between 1836 and 1922. Free.

10. The Olden Times

A growing (and free) collection of historic newspapers (primarily U.S.), including obituaries, birth & marriage announcements, legal notices, etc. Search for your surnames in the index and follow the link to complete scanned copies.

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