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Photo Restoration - Techniques, Companies & Services

Using digital computer technology, old family photographs can be restored, repaired, retouched, copied, enhanced or resized, all without harming the original print. These professional photo restoration companies and services specialize in restoring old family photos.

Castle Photographic
This company, located in South Pasadena, CA offers inexpensive digital photo restoration.

Classy Image
This company provides restoration and alteration of old & new photographs. Shipping information and pricing structure is online. They can also print negatives and can accept photos via the Interne»¼½¾rip

This company, located in Cleburne, TX uses digital photo restoration techniques and they promise they will have a restored print and the unaltered original returned to you within 10 days. They also send a test print via email for your approval, before the final printing is done.

Restoration service offers several options for restoring your old, damaged photographs for a reasonable fee. Photos are scanned, repairs or enhancements are made to the digital copy, you get final approval, and then your prints and original image are sent to you via mail.

Expressive Images
This established professional photography studio has been involved in the preservation of old images for over 50 years and can provide you with archivally tested and certified museum quality reproduction prints.

Just Black and White
This full service lab specializes in copying and enhancing faded prints and photos. They use physical restoration processes such as airbrushing and developing, instead of digital restoration which means that you get back an actual photograph instead of a printed copy, plus an archival quality negative so you can make as many additional copies as you wish. Much of their work is done via mail order.

Palmer Multimedia Imaging
This photo restoration and video company, located in Williamsport, PA, offers a variety of digital photo restoration options. Palmer Multimedia charges $70/hour plus $15 for the reproduction print; since most restorations require between 30 and 60 minutes of labor, the cost usually falls between $50 for minor jobs and $85 for major jobs. They accept photographs by mail.

Photo Medic
Photo Medic offers digital restoration of your old, faded or damaged photos. They have pricing and a complete step-by-step description of their process on their Web site. The process including your original photo returned, a new negative, the restored photographic prints and a CD with the digital image usually takes from two to three weeks. They do primarily mail order.

Precious Photos
Precious Photos allows you to upload your image to their server for a free restoration estimate. They also provide training and restoration services to dealers around the country.

The Photo Magician
This home based, family operated business located in West Virginia specializes in photographic restoration, colorization and photo collage. Pricing will vary. They have examples of their work online and accept photographs by mail.

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