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Geographic Place Names

Find or look up countries, cities, towns, villages, mountains, rivers, cemeteries, lakes, roads and other geographic place names in these free place name databases and gazetteers. Includes geographic locations for towns and places that have changed name or no longer exist.

Resources for Identifying Eastern European Place Names

A Vision of Britain Through Time
The Great Britain Historical Geographical Information System presents a unique digital collection about Britain's localities as they have changed over time. Information comes from census reports, historical gazetteers, travelers' tales and historic maps. Search by place name or location to access detailed historical information on places in Britain.

Alexandria Digital Library Gazetteer Server
Find place names for countries around the world in this database of over 4 million geographic locations searchable by place name or feature type.

Canadian Geographical Names
Query by name, coordinates or unique code to find details on over 350,000 official geographic place names in Canada.

Estonia Place Names Database
A searchable database that contains current names for places in Estonia (many renamed since Estonia declared its independence in 1991) as well as the older, variant names.

France Place Names Search
Search online for information on 1.7 million place names, including communes, hamlets, woods and rivers, that appear on the map of France. You need to first register for a free account to access these records online. If you're in the United States, then enter Etats Unis (United States in French) as the county.

Geographic Names in Belgium
Lists the names and locations of almost 3000 cities, towns, and hamlets in Belgium.

Geographic Names Information System - GNIS
Free, searchable database of geographic place names contains information about almost 2 million physical and cultural geographic features of all types in the United States, US territories and Antartica. Maintained by the US Board of Geographic Names and the US Geological Survey.

GEOnet World Place Names Server
GEOnet is a database of World place names developed from the country gazetteers that were published by the US Defense Mapping Agency (now the National Imagery and Mapping Agency). It contains place names for over 3.5 million features throughout the World.

Geoscience Australia - Place Name Search
Search the 2001 Gazetteer of Australia, a compilation of over 274,000 geographic place names of Australia.

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names
Search or browse over 1 million place names related to art history.

Hungary Place Names
An alphabetical list of cities in Hungary with their population.

New Zealand Place Names & Street Names
Over 40,000 geographic place names from New Zealand topographic and historical maps.

Place Names in Denmark
This site contains alphabetical lists of authorized place names in Denmark. Each list contains information on place names the parish and the administrative district. In Danish.

Scotland Gazetteer
A geographical database describing towns, villages, and glens from the Scottish Borders to the Northern Aisles.

Shtetl Seeker - Town Search
Free, searchable place names database that provides information on the location of populated places in Eastern Europe, many of which no longer exist. From JewishGen.

Search this database for a Switzerland location by name or address and view the 1:50,000 topographic map showing that place.

U.S. Geographic Names Information System
Search "domestic names" for information on over 2,000,000 places, features, and areas in the US including Federally recognized names and locations by State, County, and geographic coordinates.

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