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Share & Preserve Your Family History


Family history and genealogy is much more meaningful when it is shared with living relatives and preserved for future generations. From writing and publishing a family history, to connecting with family members and working online with other researchers, to preserving your old family photos, here are tutorials, project ideas, and Web sites to get your creative juices flowing.
  1. Create a Family Tree
  2. Put it Online
  3. Connect with Others
  4. Write & Publish Your Family History

Create a Family Tree

Family history can be shared and displayed in a lot of ways, from the classic family tree chart to an interactive map or timeline.

Put it Online

Publishing and sharing your family history on the Web dramatically increases your chances of connecting with other researchers and relatives. It also makes it much easier (and more fun) to get your relatives involved in your family history project.

Connect with Others

Reaching out to and collaborating with family members and fellow family history enthusiasts is a great way to leverage each other's resources, avoid duplication of efforts, learn from the experience of others and extend your family tree.

Write & Publish Your Family History

Many people want to publish their family history but don't how how to go about actually making that dream a reality. Whether you're envisioning a traditional published genealoy, a family history CD, or an online blog, these tutorials, tips and online resources will help you with every step of your family history - from writing to designing to publication.

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