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Genealogy Research Tools - Software, Forms, Maps and Calendars

Access tools to help you research your family tree including genealogy and family tree software programs, maps and mapping tools, family tree charts and forms, age and date calculators, calendars, and high-tech gadgets. The majority of these genealogy tools are free!
  1. Genealogy Software (155)
  2. Charts & Forms (43)
  3. Clipart & Graphics (14)
  4. Dates & Calendars (13)
  5. Dictionaries & Glossaries (39)
  6. Handwriting & Paleography (15)
  7. Language Identification (3)
  8. Timelines (37)
  9. Mapping Tools (1)
  10. Translation Help & Software (12)
  11. Best of Genealogy (1)

10 Open-Source Tools for Genealogists

Best Online Genealogy Tool or Mobile App - Readers' Choice Awards 2013
Whether it is your favorite genealogy search engine, mapping or writing tool, or a must have genealogy or productivity app, we all have online or mobile genealogy tools that are just hard to live without. These five online genealogy tools and mobile apps are the ones About Genealogy readers voted as most indispensable, whether for sharing family...

Best Online Genealogy Tool or Mobile App
Do you have a favorite or "must have" online genealogy tool or mobile app that you just can't live without? Submit your nomination here for the About.com Readers' Choice Awards.

Genealogy Software Roundup 2006
Whether you're choosing your first genealogy software program or looking to upgrade, there are a number of excellent options available. Get the scoop on all the latest versions of favorite family tree software programs in this 2006 roundup of popular programs.

Gadgets & Tools for Genealogists
genealogy gadgets

One Stop Guide to Choosing & Using Family Tree Software Programs
Sort out the wide variety of available genealogy software offerings with these family tree software reviews, tips for choosing the best genealogy software program, and tutorials for making the most of your family tree program.

About Genealogy Readers' Choice Awards 2013 - Best Online Genealogy Tool or...
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