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Genealogy Research Trips & Vacations

Get your genealogy vacation or research trip off to the right start with these tips, checklists and advice for planning a genealogy research trip or vacation.

Planning a Genealogy Vacation
Combining a summer vacation with a genealogy research trip cannot only be rewarding but fun for you and your family. When your genealogy research next sends you on the road, try these tips for preventing frustration and achieving success.

10 Questions to Ask a Research Facility Before You Visit
Whether you're planning a trip to the State Historical Society, the Family History Library, the National Archives or the local courthouse, it pays to be prepared. Avoid frustration and increase your research time by asking these 10 key questions in advance of your visit.

10 Tips for Onsite Genealogy Research
Make your genealogy research trip to the courthouse, library, archives or other genealogical repository as productive as possible with these tips for planning your visit and maximizing your results.

Grave Calculations - How to Locate a Cemetery with GPS
If you have narrowed down the area where your ancestor died, but still aren't sure in which cemetery they are buried, here's how to use maps and GPS for assistance.

Plan a Research Trip to the Cemetery
When heading out to the cemetery for some tombstone research, a little advance planning can really help to make your visit a success.

Research at the Family History Library
Plan your visit to the Mormon Family History Library in Salt Lake City with this guide to its records and research facilities. Includes everything from the best places to stay while you're in Salt Lake City, to tips for maximizing your research time at the library.

A Genealogist's Post-Vacation Checklist
Once you get back from your genealogy vacation, use these twelve simple steps to organize what you've learned. From Genealogy.com.

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