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Genealogy Search Tips & Strategies

Learn how to find your family tree on the Internet with these tips for advanced genealogy searching. Special genealogy search techniques teach you how to find what you are looking for - surnames, place names, birth dates, timelines, photos, history,

Tips for Finding Your Ancestors in Genealogy Databases
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Google Genealogy Style
Learn how to Google as you've never Googled before with these tips for using Google for all aspects of your genealogy search.

Top Tips for Searching Historical Records on FamilySearch Beta
Searching the billions of records available on FamilySearch Beta can sometimes be an exercise in frustration. Get better results with these top search tips from readers!

Rooting Around at RootsWeb
Millions of genealogists around the world use RootsWeb to further their research, connect with cousins, and share their family history findings. Learn how to make the most of the popular genealogy site RootsWeb with this overview of its most popular features.

Searching for Smiths
These search tips, while helpful when searching for all surnames, not just common ones, are especially important when the name itself is too common to return a manageable number of results.

Genealogy Search in a Foreign Language
Learn how to find surnames, family histories and other genealogy records and resources in foreign language search engines - a great, untapped resource for family history research.

12 Google Search Tips for Genealogists
Explore the full potential of popular search engine Google with these twelve search tips for genealogists.

Surfing Genealogy Style - Genealogy Search Techniques
Essential Web searching strategies and methods for finding surnames and family Web pages on the Internet.

Ellis Island - Top Ten Search Tips
From search techniques to help you find that elusive ancestor, to tips for finding and printing out the manifests, you're sure to learn something new to improve your searches of the Ellis Island immigration database.

Ancestry Search Tips
Learn how to find buried ancestors in the databases of Ancestry.com with these Ancestry power search tips and tricks. Includes advanced search tips, wildcard search, census index search tips, and more.

Batch Number Searching on FamilySearch
Batch number searching in the FamilySearch Historical Records collection offers another way to manipulate your search to help find what you are looking for.

Top 10 Web Search Tricks
Web Search Guide Wendy Boswell shares some of her favorite search tricks that she uses every day.

Online Searching Tips and Tricks
A presentation by genealogist Michael John Neill at the 2001 FGS genealogy conference. Available for sale on audio tape.

Using Standard Search Engines to Find Genealogy Material
Explore step-by-step genealogy search techniques with examples in this tutorial on using search engines such as Google to find genealogy Web sites and databases. From Michael Goad.

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