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Family Tree Maker 2006

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Family Tree Maker 2006, standard edition


The Bottom Line

Family Tree Maker 2006 includes additions and improvements that upgrade the program to a more professional level while still keeping it easy to use. The most notable improvements include improved source management, more room for notes and more powerful options for searching and merging individuals found in online databases at Ancestry.com. All of that combined with excellent publishing and charting features make FTM 2006 an excellent, well-rounded tool for organizing your family history.
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  • Easy to install and use
  • Outstanding publishing features
  • Wide variety of trees, charts, and other printouts
  • Money-back guarantee


  • GEDCOM import may drop or misidentify data from unrecognized tags
  • Doesn't output to HTML - Can only publish pages on FTM's Web site
  • Internet backup only free for first three months


  • Family view includes a couple, both sets of their parents, and up to eight children.
  • Pedigree view displays up to 7 generations at once for easy navigation through the family tree.
  • Open and work with two family files simultaneously, including cut and paste (no drag and drop).
  • Back up family files to CD or Internet for convenient data storage and retrieval.
  • Improved source management, plus copy and paste a source citation to more than one person or fact.
  • Attach images of original documents directly to sources.
  • Powerful Web Search feature searches online databases for information on your ancestors.
  • Web Merge makes it easy to add records and images from Ancestry.com to any individual in your file.
  • Streamlined data entry and 1MB of note space per individual.
  • Customize family history books, charts and reports to print out or share online.

Guide Review - Family Tree Maker 2006

Family Tree Maker 2006 is good, solid program for all but the most exacting genealogists. The family view is very nice, allowing you to view a couple, their parents and up to eight children all on one screen. Pedigree view offers an alternate way to navigate through the family tree. Source management has been improved to allow you to easily view all sources associated with a single fact or person, as well as all places where a particular source has been cited. Source citations can be easily copied and applied to more than one person or fact. A wide variety of nice customizable charts and reports are available, although the pedigree chart prints without any type of numbering. If you want even more chart options, Charting Companion is available for free download to users of FTM 2006 ("Exclusive Offers" under the Internet tab). FTM 2006 also offers nice book publishing features and photo editing capabilities. Tight Internet integration makes it easy to search Ancestry.com's databases and merge the information into your family file. If you plan on transferring your data from another program, FTM's GEDCOM import isn't perfect. The order of children and spouses aren't always preserved in the transfer, and data in unrecognized tags may be misplaced or dropped altogether. Overall, however, Family Tree Maker 2006 is an easy-to-use, yet robust solution for organizing and publishing your family history. Even if you haven't been a fan in the past, it's definitely worth another look.
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