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Genbox Family History 3

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The Bottom Line

Excellent for both storing your data and organizing your research, Genbox Family History is a flexible, yet powerful program for the beginner to advanced genealogist. It keeps track of almost everything a professional genealogist could want, while a plethora of charts and reports round out the package. Although some may find its level of detail overwhelming, Genbox is an admirable choice for the family historian who loves facts and wants a program that will help keep their research on track.


  • Powerful & customizable data entry & source citations
  • A wide variety of beautiful charts and reports
  • Frequent updates & added new features


  • Data entry may be confusing for beginners
  • No family history book publishing tool
  • A bit pricey compared to similar programs


  • Tabbed user interface offers multiple views. Import and export in GEDCOM 5.5 format.
  • A large variety of report options, including all of the expected standard charts.
  • Multiple databases can be opened at once, but no drag and drop between databases.
  • Allows source citations on each piece of data (place of birth), not just each event (birth).
  • Many program options can be fully customized, including reports and source citation templates.
  • Record specific relationship between parent and child, as well as disproved relationships.
  • Tools for managing complex research projects, including tracking data from multiple researchers.
  • Pictures, audio, and video can be linked to individuals, families, events, sources or researchers.
  • Multiple chart options, including ancestor, descendant, related, convergent and everyone.
  • Flexible chart designs include multimedia, wall, ancestor ring, fan, timeline and book layout.

Guide Review - Genbox Family History 3

Genbox Family History 3.6 is an excellent tool for collecting, organizing and reviewing genealogy information. Entering data can take a bit of getting used to if you've previously used a different genealogy program, but the amount of data available to view on screen at one time outstanding. Numerous data fields means you can include alternate names, disproved relationships and notes for any event, fact, individual or family. Nine tabbed views present your information in multiple ways. Individual, Family and Parents views are best for adding and viewing information, while the Pedigree view speeds up navigating the family tree. Select the Events or Summary tab to view an ancestor's birth, marriage and other life milestones. This multiple view format works well with many different research styles, but can be a bit overwhelming for some. Source citation capabilities are excellent, including the ability to customize source templates and to identify a source for each individual piece of data. Besides just organizing data, Genbox also creates good narrative reports. The wording of facts can even be customized to make sentences seem more natural. Charts are another area where Genbox excels, offering a large number of beautiful, customizable options for presenting your family tree. If you're a professional researcher or working with a group, Genbox also offers numerous tools for organizing and tracking complex research projects.

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