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Spanish American War

Learn about the history of the Spanish American War and how to research Spanish-American war veterans with these genealogy and military resources for the Spanish-American War.
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Chronology of Spain in the Spanish American War
A timeline from the Library of Congress.

Spanish American War Records in the National Archives
Browse a listing of records available from the National Archives relating to service in the Spanish-American War.

Researching a Spanish American War Veteran
An excellent overview of the sources available and a listing of online rosters, courtesy of the Spanish American War Centennial Web Site.

Sailors, Soldiers, and Marines of the Spanish-American War
Learn how to research the records of the 280,564 sailors, marines, and soldiers who served in the Spanish-American war. From Prologue, a quarterly publication of the National Archives and Records Administration.

The Spanish American War Research Guide
A guide to the research materials available through the New York Public Library which relate to the Spanish-American War, including  books, pamphlets, government documents, newspapers, magazines, and electronic resources. The collection covers Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Spain, and the United States.

Spanish-American War Veterans
A list by the American Battle Monuments Commission of Spanish-American War veterans buried at the Corozal American Cemetery and the Mexico City National Cemetery.

US Naval Activities during the Spanish-American War
Richard Peuser provides an overview of naval battles during the Spanish-American war, and discusses the many holdings that document United States naval activities during this period. From Prologue, a quarterly publication of the National Archives & Records Administration.

The World of 1898: The Spanish-American War
A presentation by the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress which provides resources and documents about the Spanish-American War, the period before the war, and some of the fascinating people who participated in the fighting or commented about it. 

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