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GRIFFITH and GRIFFITHS - Name Meaning & Origin


GRIFFITH Surname Meaning & Origin:

The descriptive surname Griffith comes from the Old Welsh name Grippiud, which later became the Middle Welsh Gruffudd and Gruffydd, where udd means "chief or lord." The name with the added "s" ending may have the same meaning, or may have derived from "son of Griffith."

GRIFFITHS is also a possible variation of GRIFFIN, a descriptive surname given to a man whose qualities or disposition resembled that of a griffin.

Surname Origin:


Alternate Surname Spellings:


Fun Facts About the Griffith Surname:

The Griffith's Valuation of Ireland was executed under the direction of Sir Richard Griffith to determine the amount of tax each person should pay towards the support of the poor within their poor law union (division of land). Griffith's Valuation is now one of the most valuable sources of information for people researching Irish ancestors.

Famous People with the Surname GRIFFITH:

  • Florence Griffith Joyner - Born Florence Delorez Griffith, "Flo Jo" was an American track and field athlete with several Olympic gold medals and world records to her credit.
  • Andy Griffith - American actor, best known for his leading roles in The Andy Griffith Show and Matlock.

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