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Sweden Genealogy - Sverige Genealogi

Explore the many Sweden genealogy records and databases available online, plus learn about Swedish heraldry, how to obtain genealogical records from Sweden, Swedish surnames, Swedish emigration and immigration, and Swedish royalty.

Tracing Your Swedish Ancestry
Get started tracing your Swedish ancestry in Sweden, America and Canada with this step-by-step guide to sources, both public and private.

Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies
The Swedish national organization for genealogists - including about 130 regional and local societies as members. This site includes links, how-to information and more for tracing your Swedish ancestry. Parts of the site are also available in English.

Finding Grandpa Svenson in Sweden
All genealogist Carolyn Swenson Gorr knew about her grandfather's Swedish origins is that he said he came to America from the Smaland region. This case study takes you step-by-step through the research process she followed to learn more about her Swedish roots.

Find Your Swedish Roots
Browse through this excellent collection of how-to articles on researching genealogy in Sweden. Published by the Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies.

GenLine - Swedish Church Records Online
This site is creating an online database of images of original Swedish church records. Currently available in Swedish only.

House of Genealogy - Släktforskarnas Hus
Genealogy research center located in Leksand, Sweden. Also in English.

Indiko - Parish Registers on the Web
The records of 48 parishes, containing approximately 800,000 individuals, are searchable in this database. Included are parishes from the Skellefteå region, the Sundsvall region, the Linköping region and six single parishes. Free.

Maps and Geography of Sweden
Maps and other good geographical information for Sweden, from About Geography Guide, Matt Rosenberg.

An excellent zine, published by the Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies, for both beginners and experienced researchers. In Swedish, with a few English summaries.

Sweden Parish Records: 19th Century Ecclesiastical Registers
An excellent overview of the types of church records kept in Sweden and what you can expect to learn from them. In PDF.

Sweden Research Outline
Excellent tutorial from the Family History Library provides an overview of Swedish records and search strategies for locating your ancestors in Sweden.

Swedish Ancestry Research Association
This Massachusetts-based research association provides individuals researching their Swedish ancestry the opportunity to meet and share ideas with others through an agenda of informative speakers, workshops and publications.

Swedish Colonial Society
The oldest Scandinavian historical society in the United States (established in 1908), the SCS preserves and publishes records relating to the history of Swedes and Finns in America.

Swedish Genealogical Word List
A list of Swedish words commonly found in genealogical records along with their English translations. From the FamilySearch Web Site.

Swedish Names & Naming Practices
A good overview, in English, of common Swedish naming practices including patronymics, matronymics, military names, topographical names, and special naming practices for clergy and royalty.

Swedish Records in the Family History Library
A listing of thousands of Swedish records which have been microfilmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church) and are available through Family History Centers worldwide. Don't forget to check the "View Related Places" button for locality specific resources.

SweGGate - Sweden Genealogy Gate
A WorldGenWeb gateway to genealogical research in Sweden with lots of links, research tips and guides, surname queries and more. Includes pages for each of the provinces. The site is a little cluttered with too many colors and flashing animations, but lots of good information makes it well worth the visit.

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