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Timelines and Genealogy

Flesh out your knowledge of the lives of your ancestors with the social and historical timelines in these books, Web sites and timeline software programs.
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Timelines & Your Ancestors
Timelines, chronological listings of historical events, can bring an interesting perspective to your genealogy research. Learn how to use timelines to enhance your family tree.

Timeline of the Twentieth Century
A fantastic decade-by-decade timeline of the entire 20th century from Jen Rosenberg.

Genealogy Research Timelines
Learn how to tap into the power of timelines as a genealogical research tool, to assist with organizing, correlating, and assessing the mountain of information you have uncovered for your ancestor. Genealogy research timelines can help to uncover evidence inconsistencies, highlight holes in your research, sort two men of the same name, and organize the evidence necessary to build a solid case.

Chronology of Sweden
Ken Polsson has produced an excellent free timeline of Swedish history from 300 B.C. to present-day.

HyperHistory Online
An interactive combination of lifelines, timelines, and maps covering over 3,000 years of world history.

Timeline of Chinese History
An in-depth history of China, organized according to time periods.

Timelines of Great Britain
Browse timelines of historic events in Britain, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales from 4000 BC through the post-WWII era. Plus, timelines of Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt as well. From the BBC.

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