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Burris Russ, Cottondale, Florida

Share Your Story: Most Wanted Ancestors

By Shay

My Most Wanted Ancestor

Burris Russ, Cottondale, Florida

supposed spouse - Mary Russ

supposed spouse - Mamie Pugh

Siblings: Augustus, Lizzie, Lula

I am trying to find marriage licenses for Mary and Burse; death and birth records of Burris Russ

Research & Records


I learned he had approximately 25 children from different women. I learned that he might have been married to Mary. I saw records of a Kynesville, Georgia instead of Cottondale (but they are 10 minute apart in distance)


  • - when he was born
  • - when he died
  • - marriage certificate for him and Mary
  • - where he was born and died
  • - his parents names --especially his father's name

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