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Newton I. Bass, 1862-1924 from Arp, Texas

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By sambass1936

My Most Wanted Ancestor

i am having trouble with my ancestors since Capt. Nathaniel Basse in the 1600's I didn't have any help. because my father didn't have any written records! Thanks:

Roy Bass

Garland,TX 75040

Research & Records

i have searched in Genealogy.com and tried to search Ancestry.com, but they want to charge me! I am on Social Security, so I don't have any money to put on it! I had a cousin who was able to get me back to Nathaniel Basse


  • My ancestors before Newton I. Bass 1862-1924 from Arp, Texas

Kimberly Powell, About.com Genealogy, says:

Whenever you are beginning your family tree, begin with what you know and work backwards, rather than try to start with someone you *think* might be your ancestor and work forwards. Since it seems that what you want to know is the connection between Newton I. Bass born in 1862 and Capt. Nathaniel Basse, you need to begin with Newton. When money is an issue, check with your local library or genealogical society to see if they offer access to Ancestry.com or other subscription sites in the library.

A variety of digitized records and databases from Texas are available for free access on FamilySearch Record Search, including Texas Death Certificates, 1890-1976 (which includes death certificates for several children of Newton I. Bass & Flora Jones if this is your Newton), as well as many of the U.S. Federal Census records. There is a Newton I. Bass, born about 1862 in Georgia living in Smith County, Texas in the 1880 census with parents, J.B. & Mary J. Bass. Going back to the 1870 census, this is John & Mary Bass. Information found in these records can be used to locate new information and records, and so on.

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