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Trace the Origin of Your Surname

Trace the origin, ethnicity and meaning of your surname

Have you ever wondered where your last name came from? What it means? Learn about the different types of surname origins and how to trace the genealogy of your family name back through the generations.

Genealogy Spotlight10

Sorting out the DNA Tests Available for Genealogy

Can testing your DNA help you learn more about your ancestors and heritage? Absolutely! Learn how to identify which ancestral DNA test is most appropriate for your situation and which company you should test with.

Maps and Gazetteers for Identifying German Towns

Learn how to locate the exact town or village of your German ancestors with this guide to using German historical gazetteers and maps, including links to free online resources.

Learn About Your Family History Through Obituaries

One of the most helpful tools when beginning a search into your family history is the obituary. Beyond just the place and date of death, you may also learn the birthplace, final resting place, occupation, religious affiliation, community activities, street address, the names of friends and relatives, and other details which can help you learn a great deal about the people from your past.

Discover Your American World War I Ancestors

Whether they served in the military, or knitted socks for the troops, millions of Americans participated in some capacity during World War I. Learn more about them through this collection of online WWI records, databases and other resources.

Building a Personal Digital Genealogy Library

Learn how to use online sources such as HathiTrust, Internet Archive, Google Books, and more to build a personal digital genealogy library almost for free.

Tips for Planning a Genealogy Vacation

Combining a summer vacation with a genealogy research trip cannot only be rewarding but fun for you and your family. When your genealogy research next sends you on the road, try these tips for preventing frustration and achieving success.

House Histories

Whether you live in a Manhattan brownstone apartment or a castle in France, your home may be harboring a fascinating history. Learn how to uncover the history and genealogy of a house or other building with this step by step guide.

Dutch Genealogy - The Personal Record Card

The Dutch personal record card, available for residents of and emigrants from the Netherlands after 1937, includes a lot of great information for genealogists, including the names and birth dates and locations of the individual's parents. Learn how to access a copy of the personal record card, or persoonkaarten, for genealogical purposes.

10 Don't Miss Historical Photo Collections on Flickr

Don't miss these beautiful online galleries of historic photographs on Flickr, contributed by library, archive and historical society collections.

Adoption Search: Using DNA Tests to Find Birth Families

Learn how adoptees are using DNA testing to find birth family members, including where to tests, which tests to take, and how to interpret your results and utilize them in your adoption search.

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