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Learn About Your Family History Through Obituaries

One of the most helpful tools when beginning a search into your family history is the obituary. Beyond just the place and date of death, you may also learn the birthplace, final resting place, occupation, religious affiliation, community activities, street address, the names of friends and relatives, and other details which can help you learn a great deal about the people from your past.

Tips for Planning a Genealogy Vacation

Combining a summer vacation with a genealogy research trip cannot only be rewarding but fun for you and your family. When your genealogy research next sends you on the road, try these tips for preventing frustration and achieving success.

Building a Personal Digital Genealogy Library

Learn how to use online sources such as HathiTrust, Internet Archive, Google Books, and more to build a personal digital genealogy library almost for free.

Trace Your Ancestors Through the Canadian Census

Learn how to research your own ancestors through available online Canadian census records by following this example featuring "Anne of Green Gables" author, Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Dishing on the Neighbors - Records of the US Southern Claims Commission

Records of the US Southern Claims Commission are rich with first-person testimony of not only those who made claims for restitution following the Civil War, but also neighbors, relatives, and former slaves.

US Census Enumeration Maps 1900–1940

Census enumeration maps are a great resource for genealogists. Learn more about what you can learn from these maps and how to access more than 60,000 U.S. census enumeration maps for free online.

Historical Records Survey of the Works Progress Administration

While the Historical Records Survey of the Works Progress Administration was never completed, the resulting inventories of county, church, and other historical records and manuscripts is an invaluable resource for genealogists. Learn how to access and use these WPA inventories, both online and off.

Historic Map Overlays in Google Maps

There's been a bit of discussion on genealogy mailing lists recently regarding historical overlay maps available for Google Maps. This technology has actually

Was Your Ancestor a Criminal? Historic Prison Records Online

Most of us can't claim notorious criminals such as John Dillinger, Al Capone or Bonnie & Clyde in our family tree, but our ancestors may have been convicted

DOYLE - Surname Meaning and Origin

Learn the meaning and origin of the popular Irish last name Doyle and its variations such as McDougall, McDowell, and Doill, plus find genealogy and family trees for the Doyle surname.

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