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Tombstone Symbolism and Iconography
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Learn the meanings of the various carvings, symbols, icons and other funerary art found on gravestones, tombstones and headstones.

A-Z of Tombstone Art and Symbols
This abridged chapter from the Sexton's Book of Tales, covers some of the more popular headstone symbols with explanations and graphics.

Cemetery Art & Symbolism
Pam Reid discusses gravestone art and includes a list of commonly used symbols along with their possible interpretation.

Cemetery Iconography
George Morgan in "Along These Lines..." discusses how symbols engraved on headstones can provide valuable clues. 

Cemetery Symbolism: A Wary Glossary
A glossary of some of the standard symbols found on tombstones with possible meanings from City of the Silent.

Common Tombstone Symbols
A list of some of the most commonly seen tombstone symbols, many accompanied by photos of actual gravestones from the historic Elmwood Cemetery in Kansas City, Missouri.

Emblems of Belief on U.S. Government Headstones & Markers
Logos and short descriptions for the emblems of religious belief allowed by U.S. government on all government-supplied headstones and markers.

The Epitaph Browser
Browse through a variety of fascinating epitaphs from around the world.

Fraternal & Grave Marker Acronyms
A partial index of acronyms which are found on grave markers across the US and the world, from the International Black Sheep Society of Genealogists.

Grave Art - Symbolism & Monument Styles
The Society for Old Cemeteries in British Columbia, Canada, provides a wonderful section on gravestone symbolism with pictures and descriptions in categories including animals, religious, geometric, fraternal organizations, letters and monograms and more.

Gravestone Iconography in West Virginia
An excellent article full of photos which is mainly focused on religious symbols found in West Virginia cemeteries.

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