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Adoption Resources for Your Family Tree

Resources for tracking down adopted children or birth parents. You are definitely not alone in your search.
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Adoption Search: Using DNA Tests to Find Birth Families

How to Handle Adoption in the Family Tree
Adoptees often face a bit of indecision when faced with a family tree chart? Should it include the adopted family, the birth family, or both? Should the adoption be noted in any special way? Learn how to address an adoption in your family tree and download family tree charts which include special options for adopted families.

Adoption Search - How to Find Your Birth Family
Start the search for your birth family with these step-by-step suggestions for locating birth parents, children, and other adoptees. Includes tips for researching adoptees in your family tree.

Top 3 Books for Adoption Search & Reunion
Adoptees and birthparents beginning the search for their roots will find expert guidance in these books about adoption search and reunion. There are step-by-step plans for conducting an adoption search, plus tips for getting around stumbling blocks and preparing for an emotional adoption reunion.

When Adoption Reunions Don't Work
Adoption reunions are not always a happy time. Sometimes birth family doesn't want to meet the adoptee. Sometimes an adoptee has no where else to turn.

About Adoption
Adoption expert Carrie Craft presents articles, resources and links for any aspect of adoption - adoptees, birth parents and search and reunion.

Freedom of Information Act
Learn how to obtain records from U.S. government agencies under the Freedom of Information Act.

Adoption.com - Reuniting with Birth Family
Browse through this excellent collection of articles and tools which walk you through the adoption search and reunion process.

Adoption - How to Start Searching
Excellent article by Jeff Hartung presents steps for getting started once a decision has been made to search for one's birthparents. Most information also applies to birthparents searching for a relinquished child.

Adoptive Family Trees
Create a family tree with room for both adoptive and birth families following one of these family tree project examples.

All About Adoption Research
Maureen Taylor walks you step-by-step through the research process you should follow when you uncover indications of an adoption in your family tree.

American Adoption Congress
An international network of individuals and organizations committed to truth in adoption and to reform that protects all of those involved from abuse or exploitation.

Falsified Birth Certificates
The likelihood that your birth certificate was falsified is small, but is a possibility.

History of Adoption in the United States
A good overview of the history of adoption and adoption records in the U.S. from colonial times through present day.

International Soundex Reunion Registry
  The world's largest reunion registry, this free service operates with the philosophy that the identity of neither the birth parents nor the adopted child shall be disclosed unless all parties are agreeable to a reunion.

Irish Adoption Contact Register
Specifically aimed at people born in Ireland, adopted or fostered within or outside Ireland this is a new service launched in May 1999.

Parent Finders of Canada
This support group for adult adoptees, birth relatives and adopting parents maintains the Canadian Adoption Reunion Register.

Preparing Your Search
The White Oak Foundation offers a useful guide to help you prepare to initiate your adoption search.

Relatively Seeking
Reunion database seeks to reunite adopted children and birth parents searching for each other. Search the database or add your own information.

Searching in Ireland
Resources and tips for Irish-born adoptees adopted in the U.S.

Shea's Search Series
The definitive guide to self-empowered adoptee search.

Tracing Birth Parents in England & Wales
The Federation of Family History Societies explains adoption in the U.K., which began as a legal process in England and Wales on 1 January 1927, with a nice list of resources.

What Do You Do When You Have a Name?
Though geared toward adoption searches in the state of Illinois, this guide is packed with search suggestions for people facing the #1 question of most searching triad members.

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