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The most common of the Masonic symbols is the compass and square standing for faith and reason.
The compass and square is the most common Masonic symbol found on cemetery headstones

This cemetery marker incorporates several Masonic symbols, including the Masonic compass and square, the three unbroken links of the International Order of Odd Fellows, and the emblem of the Knights Templar.

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The square in the Masonic square and compass is a builder's square, used by carpenters and stonemasons to measure perfect right angles. In Masonry, this is a symbol of the ability to use the teachings of conscience and morality to measure and verify the rightness of one's actions.

The compass is used by builders to draw circles and lay off measurements along a line. It is used by the Masons as a symbol of self-control, the intention to draw a proper boundary around personal desires and to remain within that boundary line.

The letter G usually found in the center of the square and compass is said to represent "geometry" or "God."

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