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From family reunions to collecting oral histories, these tutorials, checklists, and finding aids are designed to help you find, interview and connect with living family members. Figure out cousin connections, plan a family reunion, or learn how to track down living people.
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Sperm Donor Family Trees - Family Ties Through Sperm Donation
The genealogy of sperm donation may seem a bit complicated, but it is possible to trace sperm donor siblings and similar extended biological family members. Learn how to find out more about your sperm donor family tree.

5 Great Ways to Share Your Family History
Like any treasure, family history doesn't deserve to remain buried. Try these simple suggestions for sharing your genealogy discoveries so others can benefit from what you have found.

Creating a Family Cookbook - Cooking Up Your Family History
Learn how to turn delicious family recipes and memories into a family cookbook that will be treasured for generations. Includes tips for soliciting recipes, things to include and assembling the cookbook.

50 Questions for Family Interviews
Want to learn more about your family history? Here are some questions to ask your parents, grandparents and other relatives.

Top Books for Collecting & Preserving Family Memories
Encourage your family members to record their memories for posterity with one of these wonderful, journal-type books full of thought-provoking questions and space for recording the sure-to-be-cherished answers.

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