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Family Legends, Myths & Stories - Separating Fact from Fiction

Have you heard that you're related to a Cherokee princess? A U.S. President? Royalty? Learn how to separate the fact from the fiction and prove or disprove family legends and stories.

The Cherokee Princess Myth
Native American ancestry is a fairly common family story, and one which may actually turn out to be true. But there really isn't such a thing as a Cherokee princess...

The Three Brothers Myth
Three brothers immigrated together to America and then went their separate ways. One of the most popular of all family stories, this genealogy myth is almost never true.

Common Family Myths & Stories - Is That Family Legend Really True?
Many families have a cherished story or two regarding their distant ancestors, but some actually more myth than reality. Learn how to prove or disprove your family's stories, and explore some of the most common family legends - the ones that very rarely turn out to be true.

Family Legends
Professional genealogist Myra Vanderpool Gormley examines some of the most popular family legends handed down in American families. From Missing Links.

Family Legends and Myths
Professional genealogist Sharon DeBartolo Carmack examines some of the most common American family legends including the Cherokee Indian Princess myth, the Three Brothers myth, the Ellis Island Baptism myth and more.

Family Legends - Can They Be Trusted?
A step-by-step example of one researcher's journey to prove or disprove a family legend.

NA Family Legends Mailing List
A mailing list for anyone who is researching families with legends of Native American ancestry.

They Changed Our Name at Ellis Island
A good article by Donna Przecha on immigrant name changes that explains why the story of the family name being changed at Ellis Island is probably a myth.

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