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Family Tree of New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees


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Generations 1 & 2 - Parents
1. Andrew Christopher "Drew" Brees was born 15 January 1979 in Dallas, Texas, to Eugene Wilson Brees II and Mina Ruth Akins [1]. Drew also has a younger brother, Reid Wilson Brees, who lives in Colorado.

2. Eugene Wilson Brees II, a medical malpractice attorney in Austin, Texas, was born in 1951 to Eugene Wilson Brees and Betty Jo Johnston [2,3].

3. Mina Akins Brees, a prominent attorney in Austin, Texas, was born on 2 June 1950 in San Marcos, Hays County, Texas, to Robert Ray Akins and Dorothy Virginia Matilda Schultz. She died of a prescription drug overdose on 7 August 2009 at the home of a friend in Granby, Grand County, Colorado. Her death was ruled a suicide.

Eugene Wilson Brees II and Mina Ruth Akins were married on 5 August 1973 in Robertson County, Texas and divorced on 14 May 1987 in Travis County, Texas. They had two children:

+1. i. Andrew Christopher "Drew" Brees

ii. Reid Wilson Brees was born on 19 June 1981 in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.

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