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Free Family Tree Chart

An Interactive Family Tree You Can Complete in Your Browser


This free family tree chart is great for anyone who hates having to fill in charts by hand. Just type in the blanks from your computer, and then save or print.
Free family tree chart to complete on your computer and save and print.

Free Family Tree Template - Interactive!

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This free family tree chart records the ancestors from whom you directly descend in a traditional family tree format, suitable for sharing or even framing. A muted tree in the background and embellished boxes give it a bit of an old-fashioned feel, while the latest technology allows you to type in names and dates right from your computer. The chart makes it easy to track the progress you have made on your family tree and see at a glance what remains to be done. Since it can be completed right online it is also very handy for sharing your family tree with friends and relatives via email.

This free family tree chart includes room for 4 generations in the familiar standard format. Each box includes enough room for the name, date, and birth place, but the format is free, so you can choose the info you want to include. Males are commonly entered on the lefthand side of each branch, and females on the right. The chart prints at 8.5" x 11".

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