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Family Health History - Creating a Medical Family Tree

Learn how to get started creating your own medical family tree to help determine your genetic predisposition to certain diseases, genetic traits and more.

All in the Family - Tracing Your Family Medical History
Learning about your family's medical and health history is an important step in determining your genetic predisposition to certain health conditions and diseases. Learn how to research your medical history, which medical conditions are important to track, and where to get forms to record your findings.

Blue Eyes and Long Lives
As doctors continually find links between diseases and genetic factors, genealogists can help their families by compiling medical pedigrees. This article from the Jan/Feb 2000 issue of Ancestry Magazine explains how to build a family health history including sources to search for information and questions to ask family members about deceased relatives.

Breaking the Medical Code
Learn how to understand outdated medical terminology from this article by Donna Przecha on Genealogy.com.

Creating a Family Medical History
A guide to compiling your family medical history from the Mayo Clinic.

Diving Into Your Gene Pool
Nine steps to creating a family health history by Barbara Krasner-Khait and Family Tree Magazine.

Family History Tools - American Medical Association
Several free family history tools have been developed by the AMA including genetic screening questionnaires, a sample pedigree and an adult family history questionnaire.

Genograms - Measuring Your Family Health History
This article by Laura Heidekrueger gives a brief overview of a genogram, the family health history chart which can be read by most doctors and geneticists.

Just for the Health of It
An excellent introduction to the need for keeping a family health history record and how and where to begin by Danette Nelson Anderson, registered nurse and author of Genetic Connections.

Medical Terms Used By Our Ancestors
Learn the meaning behind the dreadful-sounding diseases that claimed our ancestor's lives.

Tracing Medical Pedigrees:Practical Application of Genealogy
A lecture by Loni Gardner at a conference sponsored by the National Genealogy Society, available for sale on cassette tape from Audiotapes.com.

Your Medical Heritage
This show, from the first Ancestors series on PBS, offers good information on creating a medical genealogy.

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