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Historical Research - Researching the Daily Lives of Your Ancestors

Add some authenticity and interest to your family tree with details and stories from history. Learn to use timelines, dig up interesting historical and social facts, research old occupations, learn what daily life was like for your ancestors, or even try your hand at reenacting!
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Online Social History Sources for Genealogists
Social history sources for genealogists.

Internet Archive - Free Digital Library
The non-profit Internet Archive, launched in 1996 by Brewster Kahle, is a free online library of books, historical records, music, film, and websites. Learn more about the genealogical and historical treasures that await you in Internet Archive, and how to access them.

HathiTrust Digital Library - A Researcher's Guide
HathiTrust Digital Library, a partnership of over seventy major research institutions and libraries, offers online access to over 10.7 million digitized books, about 30% of which are in the public domain. Learn how to utilize the vast resources of this digital research library.

Genealogy of a Town
Each town, whether in America, England, Canada or China, has its own story to tell. Sometimes the great events of history will have affected the community, while other times the community will have generated its own fascinating dramas. Researching the local history of the town, village or city where your ancestors lived is a big step toward understanding what their life was like - the people, pla…

Including the "History" in Family History
Little details -- from your ancestor's hair color to their occupation, courting, and favorite foods -- are what make family history exciting, and can breathe new life into your genealogy research. Learn how to incorporate social history into your family tree with this introductory guide.

5 Steps for Identifying People & Places in Old Photos
Solving the mystery faces and places in your old family photographs requires knowledge of your family history, combined with good old fashioned detective work and historical research.

5 Places to Dig Up Family Treasures
Not all of us are so lucky to have such family photos, bibles and other family heirlooms in our possession, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Try one of these five places for digging up a few mementos from your past!

Historical Records Survey WPA

Glossary of Old Occupations & Trades
If you found your ancestor's occupation listed as a ripper, seinter, hosteler, sperviter, dobber, or pettifogger, would you know what it meant? This free glossary of old occupations explains the function of hundreds of old occupations, trades, and job titles.

House Histories - Trace the Genealogy of a Home or Building
Whether you live in a Manhattan brownstone apartment or a castle in France, your home may be harboring a fascinating history. When was it built? Who built it? What about the former occupants? Uncover the history of your home and the people who lived there with this step-by-step guide to tracing the genealogy of your home.

Finding Family History in Newspapers
Uncover your ancestors in old newspapers with this guide to finding and using historic newspapers to locate obituaries, birth and marriage announcements, local news and events, gossip, and other clues to the daily lives of your ancestors.

How to Find the Origin of Your Surname
Learn how to find the meaning of your last name and trace your surname's origin back through history. Describes the different ways in which surnames developed and tips for tracing last name meanings and origins through historical research.

Timelines and Your Ancestors
Timelines, or chronological listings of historical events, can help place the lives of your ancestors in context and open up new avenues for genealogy research. Learn how to use timelines, including timelines of plagues and disasters, timelines of wars and conflicts, and timelines of historical events to augment your genealogy research.

Her Story - Discovering the Personal Side of Your Female Ancestors
Learn how to use historical research and sources, including timelines, postcards, diaries and newspapers, to discover more about your female ancestors.

Romance Through the Ages
Stroll back through the romantic heritage of your ancestors with this timeline of love, marriage, and dating customs throughout history.

Historical Diaries & Journals Online
Explore thousands of historical diaries and journals online, by writers from all walks of life. Experience the past lived by your ancestors, through personal narratives and writings depicting time, places and events from around the world.

10 Free Data Sets for British Social History

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