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The Internet offers a wonderful array of databases, records, and other resources for researching your family tree online. Learn how to search like a pro, find genealogy databases, and discover your family history on the Web.
  1. Search Like a Pro
  2. Digital Databases
  3. Search by Record Type
  4. Search by Country / Region

Search Like a Pro

Knowing how to search and where to search online is a must for any genealogist using the Internet for their research. Without this information, you may just end up spinning your wheels. Learn what search terms work best and find tips for searching popular genealogy databases.

Digital Databases

Digitized copies of original certificates, passenger lists, and other records of genealogical interest are more and more commonly found online. Discover your family history in these online digital databases.

Search by Record Type

Looking for a birth record? Your ancestor's arrival on a passenger list? An obituary notice in an old newspaper? A pension record for an ancestor soldier? Find these and many other types of records online.

Search by Country / Region

Find online genealogy databases and family trees, plus research guides, historical and genealogical societies and local history organized by region, country and locality.

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