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Genealogy by Region

Find family trees, research guides, historical and genealogical societies, genealogy databases, surnames, and local history organized by region, country and locality.
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  5. Europe (580)
  6. North America (1160)
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Local History - Researching the Genealogy of a Town
Learn how to use local history research to uncover the story of the people, places and events that impacted your ancestors daily lives.

Country Specific Genealogy Research Guides
Learn how to research your family history in various countries around the world with these introductory how-to guides to genealogy research and records around the world. Access genealogy instruction and resources for the country where your ancestors lived.

Finding the Birthplace of Your Immigrant Ancestor
Determining the birthplace of your immigrant ancestor is the key to the next branch in your family tree. Learn what and where to search to find your ancestor's country, town or village of origin.

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