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Diving into your family history can be an amazing adventure - one in which the learning never ends. Whether you're a genealogy novice just looking to learn a little bit more about your ancestors or the meaning of your last name, or a more experienced researcher wanting to explore new horizons, you'll find a wide variety of lessons, tutorials, case studies and other guidance to help you on your way.
  1. Get Started
  2. Organize and Record Your Research
  3. Analyze & Evaluate What You've Found
  1. Skills, Strategies & Techniques
  2. Surnames & Heraldry
  3. How to Trace Your Family Tree in...

Get Started

Learn the basics of family history research, how to make sense of what you discover, how to organize and record the data you collect, and how to use the Internet to discover more about your ancestors. Plus, advice on those beginner mistakes you'll want to avoid.

Organize and Record Your Research

Genealogists use a variety of charts, forms, software, systems and standards in an effort to organize and record the piles of data that seem to accumulate during the course of their research. Learn how to use these genealogy tools and software to help you keep track of your own family tree.

Analyze & Evaluate What You've Found

How do you know if the Ernie Powell you found in the 1900 census is really your great grandpa? Did your ancestors come from Poland or Ukraine since the records conflict? Now that you've pulled together names, dates, naturalization records, marriage certificates and family photos, it's time to analyze the bits and pieces and pull them together into a family tree.

Skills, Strategies & Techniques

As with most hobbies and professions, genealogy research requires a special set of skills and research strategies.

Surnames & Heraldry

Have you ever wondered what your last name means? Why the spelling of your family's surname has changed over time? If there's a coat of arms or family crest in your family's past? The last names we bear play a very important role in the history of our family.

How to Trace Your Family Tree in...

Once you trace your family tree back several generations it's likely that your research will take you to a new country. While the basic research strategies remain the same, each country has its own individual records, resources and history.

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