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Military Records & Genealogy

Search for your military ancestors in these military records and resources categorized by conflict, including histories of battles and battlefields, online veteran's memorials, soldiers and their military units, and tutorials on finding record of your veteran ancestors.
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  2. Wars & Conflicts (160)
  3. Military Timelines (13)

How to Trace Your U.S. Military Ancestors
From the early colonists, to the men and women currently serving in America's armed forces, most of us can claim at least one relative or ancestor who has served our country in the military. Learn how to get copies of their military records with this step-by-step guide.

Military Tombstones
Learn how to identify the abbreviations, acronyms and symbols commonly found on military grave markers and tombstones.

Military Abbreviations Found on U.S. Grave Markers
Learn how to decipher the military abbreviations and jargon found on the grave markers and tombstones of men and women who served in the U.S. military. Most signify medals and awards, or the unit in which the individual served.

1883 Pension Roll
This list of U.S. military pensioners on the roll as of 1 January 1883 was submitted to the U.S. Congress and published in five printed volumes -- a genealogical and historical resource that can now be searched online for free.

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