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Photos, Scrapbooking & Family Memorabilia

Learn how to date old family photographs, preserve treasured photos and documents and create wonderful heritage scrapbooks. Plus, links to online photo collections for use in your family history projects, including people and places from the past.
  1. Heritage Scrapbooking (29)
  2. Preservation & Storage (13)
  3. Historic Photo Collections (31)
  4. Identifying & Dating Photos (3)
  5. Photo Restoration (23)
  6. Rescued Family Photos (16)

Review of Capturing Memories: Your Family Story in Photographs by genealogist and photograph expert Maureen Taylor. Chock full of photography tips from photographing historical documents and tombstones to capturing beautiful photos of your own family members.

The Practical Archivist
Sally Jacobs is an archivist and self-described history geek who has never met an antique photograph she didn't like. Her blog, The Practical Archivist, contains archiving tips and fun, geeky tidbits for genealogists, history buffs, and keepers of the family photo album.

Digital Photo Sharing Services
Online photo sharing is getting easier every day, and many services offer an amazing number of options for free. You can batch upload your old family photos, restrict access to designated family members or make them available to the world, create fun family albums or slideshows, and even add voice or video.

Exchanging & Sharing Family Photos
sharing family photos

Tips for Salvaging Flood Damaged Family Photos, Documents and Papers
Flood or water damaged photos, papers and other family valuables can often be saved by following these few, simple steps.

Digitizing & Restoring Old Photographs
Step-by-step techniques and tips teach you how to scan and restore your precious family photos. Includes suggestions for cropping images, fixing scratches and flaws, removing red eye, enhancing faded photos, and colorizing old black and white images.

Scrapbooking Your Family History
Step-by-step guide to using old photos, memorabilia, and memories to create a historical and visual scrapbook of your family history and heritage.

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