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Printing & Publishing Your Family History

Your family history manuscript is a thing of beauty. Now explore the various publishing options, from photocopying to professional publishing, including a list of publishers, bookbinders, and other contacts.
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Printing Your Family History Book
Print on demand technology makes it easier and more affordable than ever to self-publish your family history book. Learn how print on demand publishing allows you to order anywhere from several hundred to single copies of your family history manuscript.

Family History Publishers
If you're interested in self-publishing your family history book, these short run and print on demand printers can print anywhere from one to hundreds of copies. If you need help with layout and design, many also provide this service and/or specialize in printing family histories.

Blogging Your Family History Search
One interesting way to document your family history search and share it with others is to create a family history blog. Learn how to use blogs, short for web logs, as an easy way to get your family history and genealogy photos online.

Create a Family Newsletter
family newsletter

Printing & Publishing Your Family History Book
Whether you want to print a few copies for family members, or sell your book to the public-at-large, today's technology makes self-publishing your family history book a fairly easy process.

Publishing Your Family Tree Online - Creating a Genealogy Web Site
Create your own genealogy Web site and publish your family tree to the Web with this step-by-step guide. Learn how to create a GEDCOM file, where to get space for your genealogy site, and how to add photos, documents and other finishing touches.

Best Places to Put Your Family History Online
Want to put your family history on the Web to share with family, friends and relatives? These sites include the tools you need to put your family tree online, along with pedigree charts, photos and more. Some of these genealogy hosting sites offer additional features such as chat, message boards and password protection.

Create a Family History CD
Sharing your genealogy research with family and friends can be easy and inexpensive with these tips for publishing your family history on CD-ROM.

Desktop Publishing Your Family History Book
Step-by-step suggestions for using your computer and desktop publishing software to print a book about your family that includes narratives, charts and cherished family photos. From Desktop Publishing Guide, Jacci Howard Bear.

Donate Your Published History to the Library of Congress
The Library of Congress has one of the world's premier collections of U.S. and foreign genealogy and local history publications.

Genealogy Goes Beyond all Those 'Begats'
This article by Mary Wiltenburg in the Christian Science Monitor discusses several examples of ways in which genealogists have published their family history and offers links to further resources.

Self Publishing a Family History
Tips for arranging, printing, binding, and cost planning a self-published family history. An article by Rick Roberts.

Writing a Family History
Karen Boucher and Marjorie Wilson relate their experiences in publishing a family history book - from gathering the information, through printing options and final publication. Originally published in the January/February 2000 edition of Family Chronicle magazine.

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