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Genealogy Records & Databases

Explore your ancestry in a variety of genealogical records and databases, including birth records, marriage records, death records, cemetery records, census records, land records, military records, wills, church records, adoption records and more. Arranged by topic.
  1. Documenting Your Research
  2. Naturalization
  3. Adoption (24)
  4. Bible Records (6)
  5. Birth Records (14)
  6. Cemetery Records (48)
  7. Census Records (59)
  8. Church Records (20)
  9. Court Records (4)
  10. Death Records (16)
  11. Digitized Documents (17)
  12. Heirlooms (3)
  13. Immigration / Emigration (140)
  14. Land Records (27)
  15. Marriage Records (10)
  16. Military Records (188)
  17. Newspapers (19)
  18. Occupations & Trades (1)
  19. School Records (7)
  20. Social Security Records (12)
  21. Vital Records (44)
  22. Wills & Probate (10)

Best Free Genealogy Website
What is your favorite online resource for free genealogy? This may be a website with genealogical records, a great reference resource, or one that teaches you about genealogy records, methods, and sources. However you choose to define "best," submit your nomination here for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards.

Best Subscription Genealogy Website
What subscription-based genealogy website is the one you can't live without? The one you turn to first? The one that gives you the best bang for your buck. However you choose to define "best," submit your nomination here for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards.

Most Popular Genealogy Websites 2013
Learn which genealogy websites are the biggest in terms of the number of historical records, databases, family trees, and members/subscribers.

Chinese Exclusion Case Files
Restrictions on Chinese immigration to America between 1882 and 1943 created a body of documents known as Chinese Exclusion Case Files that can be a great source of information for anyone researching Chinese American genealogy. Learn where to access these Chinese Exclusion Case Files and what you can expect to find.

WWII Draft Registration Records
The mandatory draft for World War II left behind records of the millions of American men who registered. From them you can learn

Tips for Making the Most of Online Genealogy Databases
Maximize your results from online genealogy databases with these five simple tips.

genealogybank review

Bounty Land Warrants
Bounty land warrants were issued to veterans in return for military service from the time of the Revolutionary War until 1858. Learn more about the different types of military bounty land warrants and grants, and how to research in bounty land warrant files.

WWI Draft Registration Records
Draft records contain a wealth of information on millions of men between the ages of 16 and about 45. The WWI draft registration records are by far the biggest group of such draft records in the U.S., containing names, ages, and dates and place of birth for more than 24 million men.

5 Tips for Tracking Down Parents
Don't know where your ancestor came from? Try one of these suggestions for locating the parents of your ancestor and discovering the next generation in your family tree.

Top 10 Overlooked Genealogy Records
When you can't locate clues to your family tree in the usual places, try these often missed and overlooked records and sources to further your family history search.

Top 10 Places to Find Maiden Names
Discovering the maiden name of a female ancestor can sometimes be difficult, but can lead to a whole new branch of your family tree. Check these ten record types first when looking for mention of a female's maiden name.

How Do I Find a Birth Date or Location?
Learn which records to search first when trying to find the date or place where an individual was born.

How Do I Find a Death Date or Location?
If you're trying to find a date or place of date for an individual, these are the records you'll want to check first.

How Do I Find a Marriage Date or Location?
Learn which records to look at first when searching for an approximate year or place of marriage, or an actual marriage date or location.

Historical U.S. Prison Records Online
Do you have a criminal in your family tree? If so, don't overlook the large number of historical prison records available online for prisons and prisoners across the United States.

Trace Your Family Tree Without Breaking the Bank
Learn how to research your family tree without spending a fortune with these tips for spending your genealogy money wisely.

Family History Center Records
A step-by-step guide to searching the world's largest genealogy library from the comfort of home and accessing its extensive family history records at your local Family History Center.

City Directories for Genealogy
City directories can be used to not only place an ancestor in a particular time and place, but also to follow their occupations and residences, and even identify marriages and deaths. Learn how to use city directories to help build your family tree, as well as where you can access city directories online.

Sources for Researching British Criminals Online
A large number of online British databases document criminal records and court proceedings for men and women across the United Kingdom. From the Proceedings of the Old Bailey in London to criminal and convict registers, there are a wealth of British resources for researching criminal ancestors online.

Family History Research in Manuscript Collections
Manuscript collections, filled with these types of personal and family records, are available in the special collections of thousands of libraries, universities, museums, historical societies, and archives around the world. Learn how to locate and use these manuscript collections to answer questions about your own family history.

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