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Royal Genealogies - Family Trees of Kings, Queens & Royal Families

Have you ever wondered if you're related to royalty? Explore these family trees and genealogies of kings, queens and royal families around the world. Note: Unless indicated, these celebrity trees have been researched by others and I have not personally confirmed the research.

Camilla Parker Bowles Family Tree
Explore the royal ancestors of Camilla Parker Bowles, future wife to Prince Charles of England. Includes her descent from Alice Edmonstone Keppel, the royal mistress of King Edward VII.

Almanach de Bruxelles
A unique, extensive compilation of non-European Sovereign Families, including over 700 countries and sub-countries, and rulers such as the Emperors of China, Morocco, and Turkey.

Catalog of Royal Family Lineages
Database of over 30,000 individuals covers almost every ruling house in the Western world. Maintained by Brian Tompsett at the University of Hull, UK.

Charlemagne Descendants
The data base contains a complete list of the first 13 generations (according to E. Brandenburg) of Charlemagne, provided by Herbert Stoyan.

European Royal Genealogies
This is a conversion of the ROYAL92.GED Gedcom file, by Denis Reid,  into a convenient HTML format, with index.

Genealogical Gleanings
Royal and noble lineages from Africa, Asia, Oceania, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Middle East.

Royal Descents of Famous People
This work takes a different twist on things, showing how many famous people, such as Charles Darwin, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and many of the U.S. Presidents are descended from royalty.

Royal Genealogies
An impressive collection of the family trees of royalty from France, England, Spain, Germany, and Russia, as well as a Roman Emperor, by Ed Stephan.

Scotland Royalty - Scottish Genealogy of the Kings & Queens
Large archival databases with free searchable GEDCOM's and ASCII text files pertaining to the Royal Families of Europe (Scotland, England, France, Normandy). A Rootsweb and Scotland GenWeb special project.

Starke Genealogy Index of German Nobility
A detailed name index to volumes of the Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels, a genealogy handbook of German Nobility by C. A. Starke Verlag.

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