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Social Networking - Family & Genealogy 2.0 Web Sites

Connect with your family, swap stories and recipes, share family photos, or build collaborative family trees at these Family 2.0 family networking portals.

Social Networking & Family Trees
Genealogy 2.0 sites use advanced social computing and networking technologies like wikis, RSS, mapping, and online family tree building to help people connect with family members and other researchers - sort of MySpace or Facebook for families. This list highlights many large, popular genealogy 2.0 sites, such as Geni.com and Amiglia, as well as...

Built as a way to connect families both across miles and generations, Amiglia offers easy ways to share family photos of recent events and your oldest ancestors, and organize them into a family tree network. This is a paid service, with a 30 day free trial. Emphasis is on photo sharing.

This free social networking site allows you to build a family tree and then collaborate with family to expand the tree. Share family photos, keep with family events and activities via the family calendar, or post the latest news in the family blog.

The folks at WorldVitalRecords.com offer this free family 2.0 service for genealogists looking to connect with other researchers and/or preserve their family history. Connect by location or search for a common shared name to network with other genealogists.

This free social network for families offers a secure, password protected place for you and your relatives to connect and collaborate. You can share photos and stories, work together to build an online family tree, explore family maps, and more. Best of all, it's free.

This free, simple interface allows you to create a family tree online and then invite family members to join the family tree and add other relatives. Family members can share photos and work together to create profiles for common ancestors. Free and password protected.

MyFamily 2.0
MyFamily.com is offering a new generation of free family Web sites for sharing photos, stories, news, and family history.

A host of free genealogy tools enable you to lets you create your family's own meeting place on the Internet where you can share family photos, post your family tree online, trace the family's medical history and keep track of important family events. Plus, free genealogy software and a genealogy search engine to help you expand your family history research.

This genealogy focused networking site allows you to document every moment of your loved ones' life with video, pictures, and storytelling to create a visual timeline. The site also offers ways to backup these memories on CD, DVD and books.

Wiki-based Web site sponsored by the Foundation for On-Line Genealogy, Inc. in partnership with the Allen County Public Library allows you to easily create profile pages for your ancestors. Others can view these pages and add information, or add profiles for their own ancestors. Source citations and scanned images of original documents can be added to document the information.

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