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Genealogy Software Reviews, Ratings & Comparisons

Check out this great assortment of genealogy software reviews and ratings -- including genealogy software comparison charts -- for information on what others have to say about various family tree software programs.

Ancestry Member Trees
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Family Tree Maker 2008 Full Review
family tree maker 2008 full review

Genealogy Software Roundup 2006
Whether you're choosing your first genealogy software program or looking to upgrade, there are a number of excellent options available. Get the scoop on all the latest versions of favorite family tree software programs in this 2006 roundup of popular programs.

RootsMagic 3.0 - Review
Read a review of RootsMagic 3.0, a genealogy software offering from FormalSoft - former creators of the popular Family Origins genealogy software program.

Family Tree Maker 2006 Review
Find out how Family Tree Maker 2006 stacks up against its competition in the genealogy software market. A review by professional genealogist, Kimberly Powell.

Legacy Family Tree 6.0 Review
Family historians looking for software to simplify, organize and publish their genealogy research -- and do it all well -- will find Legacy Family Tree 6.0 to be one of the best.

Family Tree Legends 5.0 Review
Read a review of Family Tree Legends genealogy software, including pros and cons, features, and comparisons to similar genealogy software programs.

Genbox Family History 3.3 Review
Excellent for both storing your data and organizing your research, Genbox Family History is a flexible, yet powerful program for the beginner to advanced genealogist.

The Master Genealogist 6.0 Review
If you like to track and record every last detail and your genealogy research is closing in on obsession, The Master Genealogist (TMG) may be the genealogy software of your dreams. Learn more about the pros and cons of this genealogy software popular with professional genealogists.

Personal Ancestral File 5.2 - PAF Review
Learn about the features and tools available in this free genealogy software program from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

RootsMagic Genealogy Software - Review of Roots Magic 2.0
Read a review of RootsMagic 2.0, a genealogy software offering from FormalSoft - former creators of the popular Family Origins genealogy software program.

Ancestral Quest 11 Review
Ancestral Quest family tree software has been around for years, but still does an excellent job keeping up with the needs of genealogists and family historians. Learn about its pros and cons in this review from professional genealogist Kimberly Powell.

Family Tree Maker 11 Review
The ease of use, stability, and outstanding publishing features of Family Tree Maker 11 make it ideal for novice researchers who want an easy way to enter family information without dealing with the nuts and bolts of genealogy research.

Family Tree Maker 10.0 Deluxe Review
Learn how this popular family tree software program stacks up against its competitors in the genealogy software market, including pros, cons, and highlights.

Consumer Search - Reviewing the Genealogy Software Reviews
Family tree software reviews are ranked by ConsumerSearch for credibility in evaluating, testing and identifying the best products and services available in the genealogy market.

Family Tree Values - PC Magazine
PC Magazine, in September 2002, reviews several popular family tree software programs, including Family Tree Maker 10.0 Deluxe Edition, Ancestral Quest 3.0, Family Origins Deluxe 10.0, Family Trees Quick and Easy 5.0, Generations Family Tree Plus, Legacy Family Tree 4.0 Deluxe Edition, and Personal Ancestral File 5.0.

Genealogy Comparison Chart
Comparison chart from GenBox compares the features and options of the following family tree software programs: GenBox 3.0, TMG 5.04, Legacy 4.0, PAF 5.2, Family Tree Maker 10.0.

Genealogy Software Report Cards
Designed to aid the genealogical researcher, these genealogy software report cards serve as an easy to use guide for the selection of a family tree software program.  Excellent spreadsheets help users to quickly see features compared across programs. Site is no longer being updated, but reviews an extensive list of programs published through 2004.

Legacy 4.0 Deluxe - Review in Heritage Quest Magazine
Leland K. Meitzler, Executive Editor of Heritage Quest Magazine, reviews the Deluxe edition of Legacy 4.0, including a list of features that are not found in the Standard edition.

Legacy Family Tree 3.0 - Review by Dick Eastman
If you're considering Legacy Family Tree as your genealogy software program, then you'll want to read this detailed review from Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter, May 2000.

Lou Kessler's Genealogy Program Ratings
Find current reviews and rankings on popular genealogy software programs from genealogist Louis Kessler.

Mac Genealogy Software Reviews
Read reviews of several of the most popular Macintosh family tree software programs, plus find overviews and details of just about every genealogy software application and tool designed for the Mac.

Software Scorecard - Family Tree Magazine
Rick Crume from Family Tree Magazine provides a brief overview of which genealogy software programs are best for different key features. Specific genealogy program reviews are only available in the print edition, however.

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