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Genealogy Software - Windows

Find and compare family tree software programs for the Windows operating system with these genealogy software profiles and comparison charts, plus links to free trial versions, family tree software reviews, user tips, and genealogy software mailing lists and discussion groups.
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  3. The Master Genealogist (7)

Best Genealogy Software for Windows
Meet the winner and finalists in the 2013 About.com Readers Choice Awards in the Windows genealogy software category. The five finalists were determined from reader nominations for the software that best meets their needs, from data entry and user interface, to source citations and reports. Looking for Mac genealogy sofware? Find it here.

Ancestral Quest
This program from the Hope Foundation is the only genealogy software program written for Windows to be built on the PAF (Personal Ancestral File®) database.  Download a free demo.

Brother's Keeper
Genealogy shareware program for Windows can help you organize your family history information and let you print a large variety of charts and reports. Free trial and free version updates.

Cumberland Family Tree
This shareware genealogy program allows you to easily "try before you buy" with a fully-functional 45-day free trial download. It is geared primarily toward enabling you to produce your own indexed Family History book and includes the ability to translate reports into over 12 languages.

This new program in the genealogy software market is the first geared specifically toward Jewish genealogists. It allows you to use the Hebrew character set as well as convert dates from Gregorian to Hebrew and vice-versa.

This German family tree database software program allows you to work in German or English. It is GEDCOM compatible, offers a variety of reports and tree charts and can manage up to 200 events per individual in the database.

Family Historian
If you like to keep every bit and piece of genealogical data organized, then try this family tree software offering from the British company, Calico Pie Ltd.

Family Matters
An inexpensive genealogy shareware program. Even if you don't use it as your primary genealogical software, it will still accept gedcoms and will generate a Web site for you.

Family Reunion
Organize and document your family history with this genealogy software program. Handles GEDCOM import and export, simple data entry, and a wide variety of reports.

Family Tree Legends
Learn about features, take a live tour, read reviews, or find out how to purchase this genealogy software program from Pearl Street Software.

GenBox Family History
Try a free trial download of this family tree software program, or learn more about its features. Includes a virtual tour and a genealogy software comparison chart.

Generations Family Tree
Get the scoop on Generations Family Tree software from Broderbund, including its pros, cons, features, and a brief review.

A free genealogy software program for Windows or UNIX with a Web interface.  It is usable off-line or as Web service and has multilingual documentation.

This French genealogy software program comes in two versions for Macintosh - Heredis Classic and Heredis Pro. The Mac version also comes in German, but Heredis' foray into the English-speaking genealogy market seems to be concentrating on Windows.

Legacy Family Tree
This FREE Windows based Family Tree software program offers excellent records management and reporting features for a free program. You can also purchase a Deluxe Edition with even more features for a very reasonable price.

Parentèle is a full-featured family tree software program geared toward beginners, but with plenty of features to keep most advanced researchers happy. This popular French genealogy software program is also available in an English-language version.

Bruce Buzbee has done an outstanding job with this full-featured genealogy software program, initially created as a successor to Family Origins.

Personal Ancestral File
One of the original family tree software programs, PAF is written and supported by the Church of Latter-day Saints, The genealogy software is easy to use, will run on just about any computer, and is available for FREE download on the familysearch.com Web site.

A full-featured genealogy program from Norway - comes in English, Danish, French, German, Swedish and Norwegian versions. Free trial download available.

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