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By Philly_Jojo

Genealogy Software

Name of Genealogy Software Program: 

Family Tree Builder

Date of purchase: 


Your Experience Level 

Advanced Researcher

Other Genealogy Software I've Used or Tried 

Family Tree Maker, Roots Magic 5, Roots Magic 4, Legacy, Gramps, database forms for various databases, Ancestral Quest, Master Genealogist, Family Historian, various online sites

Biggest Pro 

Fast and easy both to install and to learn. No learning curve. Drag and drop interface. Easily expandable with custom categories, produces and uses GEDCOM files. Stand alone or online. FREE.

Biggest Con 

I can add pictures easily but I wish the interface for the addition was a bit smoother and intuitive.

My Review 

I've tried most of the major ones out there. The interfaces for most were from the stone age of computer software. I've worked on and trained individuals on computers since 1990. I ran into this one for free. It has a smooth 2011 interface with easily understandable icons with a very easy interface to learn and you can use it as a stand alone unlimited or as an interface to a web site that offers a limited free 250 ancestor website for you or unlimited with subscription.

There is no learning curve of 'Now where did I find this menu item and what did they call it if I wanted to do this with the files' Instead you right click and it lists all that you can do with the name. For example select parents and it asks you what you want to do. Say I got the wrong parent so I disconnect from this parent then drag the name onto the right parent. Everything is connected and corrected.

Tree Consistency Checker looks for errors and duplicate then presents them all and asks what you want to do. It's an easy fix with this. Another setting checks for those who might be deceased but you forgot to mark. Again one click and it is fixed completely. Afraid you might have two entries for the same person? It checks for duplicates, presents all that might be and asks what to do including merging.

Smart Reasarch will look for matches. You can search just one person or everyone in a tree.

Easy to change sizes. Menu on left side of all the names you have which can be organized by number or alphabetically by a click. One click of the button allows you search multiple sites online if you have an online subscription from the site that produces it.

The subscription to the site that offers it actually adds useful features such as the search, smart matches, online tree and website which is unlimited, unlimited mapping and stats. Timeline and a Timebook [picture album] is also part of the deal.

It has a map feature free for the first 50 places in your tree and online subscription allows more. It also presents family statistics such as ages, common names, births, deaths, divorces and the like for 250 people or unlimited if you have the subscription.

It is stand alone and unlimited. I can add any number of ancestors and never go online.

I love it. I found a program that does what I want as easily and smoothly as I want. I felt like I was dealing with stone knives and bearskins with the other programs but this one is fast, easy and best of all free

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